Yesterday Was Good, Tomorrow Will Be Better

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Graduation is less than three months away. I have been having ALOT of trouble recently coming to terms with this. It has probably been part of the reason I have been a bit emotionally unstable recently… I have never been a big fan of change, and graduation is not only a huge change, but a quick one. It doesn’t just happen gradually. One day you walk into to high school as a high school student, and then you walk out a graduate. Just like that.

With graduation so close everyone is asking me how I’m feeling about it. I have a hard time getting them to understand what it is about graduating that bothers me. Most people are terrified for college to start and to become independent. That doesn’t really bother me. I have plans for my future that I am excited to pursue! I know that what I plan on doing with my life is what God has called me to do, and with that comes great peace, confidence, and excitement. It’s not fear of what my future will hold that has scared me, but fear of leaving all I have known that scares me. For the past four years high school has been my life. And anyone who has been in high school can tell you it’s not just about your education (though I understand a lot of people think that is important -just kidding, it is) But high school provides you with life experiences that teaches you about yourself and those around you, all while shaping you into a better you. I have gotten to know so many people over the past few years, built relationships with both my teachers and peers, and overcome several academic challenges -including laziness…(which I am still working on actually). Also, I’ve grown quiet fond of our school bunny-who’s name just happens to be bunny-. So to walk away after graduation from all that effected my life for the past four years has been weighing heavy on me.

However, regardless of how I feel, in June I am going to walk across the stage, receive my diploma, and walk away from the people and environment that has molded me over the past four years. The thing is, that is ok. I am grateful that I can reflect on my high school experience with peace. Yes, there have been times it was immeasurably hard. But it was in those moments that I was strengthened, developed, and bettered. But I can’t stay here forever. I can’t allow myself to be afraid of closing this chapter just because it’s familiar and safe. Safe never allows for anything remarkable. I have to be willing to let go and embrace the change that is coming with confidence. It’s like I said, I know what I am doing with my life is what God is calling me to do, God won’t call me to do something new if I wasn’t ready to leave what I am doing now. He may, and surely is, calling me to new, challenging, and uncharted places, but with these new adventures will come new blessings.

The past four years have been great for me, but I know it is time to go a new direction in my life. To go to new places. To meet new people. To learn new things. The past has been great, but that doesn’t mean the future won’t be even better. In fact, I believe it will be. No matter what, I know I am ready. God is always been right beside me. I know he wouldn’t lead me away from anything until I was ready for something new. So, change, the thing I have always hated is about to drastically change my life. I am ready though, for I am not alone.