Begin Again


“To begin again, we have to let go of every doubt we hold about why God has brought us to the place we are right now, and trust He has impossible to imagine good things ahead.” ~Bonnie Jensen

Sometimes that place doesn’t make since. Sometimes that place has so much hurt, loneliness, and confusion, that we hold tight to doubts about why God has brought us to that place. We question how His heart would allow it, and His good plan would need it.

I know, it is a hard thing to both accept the trouble given to us, while remaining joyful in the hope of coming change.

Right before I took the attached photo, I had read the above quote. Looking back tonight, so many memories come flooding in. My college experience, up to that point, had been incredibly painful. And here in this photo, I was embarking on a new chapter. A new chapter that offered hope, yet, that hope was so easily threatened by the raging fear of how things had always been, and how things currently were as I sat in that room.

Here’s the thing though. There is healing to be had. Hope to rise. Beauty to grow. And joy to feel. But to reach this, we have to come to peace with the pain we are currently facing. Stop blaming God. Stop questioning God. Stop expecting the pain to continue. Choose to trust God to bring about resurrection, no matter how long it takes. Commit to trusting Him in that process.

God’s plan for you isn’t pain. His plan for you is one of abundant life. Unfortunately, sometimes pain finds us on the journey. Trust God to use it. Trust Him to not let go of you. Don’t let the process get you weary.

God did bring healing to my life. Hope did rise. Beauty surely grew. And you can bet their is joy. But it was a process. But once I began trusting God despite my fears and doubts, once I stopped blaming Him and questioning Him, I was able to see the changes He was bringing about to my situation.

Trust Him to do the same to yours. You don’t have to deny the pain, or ignore the tears. But you do need to choose to bring them to Jesus, and open your hands and heart to His plan and timing. Trust He loves you. Trust He is with you. Whatever your facing, He is there with you in the pain. He is not the pain, but rest assured, He is there in the pain with you till the very end.

So go ahead, begin again. Why don’t you?


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