The Future Is bright. Your’s Is No Exception

IMG_20150607_212857I love graduation ceremonies. Just thinking about them gets me all emotional. Maybe it’s because I am emotional… But, maybe it’s also because graduations draw our attention to the future, and the future is so bright.

Even though sometimes, the present can be dark.

High school was hard for me, not necessarily academically, but emotionally. As a result of many of the challenges I faced in high school, I spent a lot of time doubting myself, people, and God. Because of this, I honestly didn’t think that I wanted to stick it out until graduation. I wanted to wipe my slate clean of all that caused me pain. I didn’t think I could accept the pain and still manage see the remaining potential around me.

But I did.

And this proved to me that my circumstance did not define, limit, or even threaten the potential of my future or my present. I learned I did not have to cower down when the going gets tough, but instead, I can look to the ashes and watch them rise again with hope. Because they do. Because they did. Our situations don’t always change, but when our perspectives do, what we perceive as reality does too.

The future is bright. Even when the present is dark, bitter, and lonely, we have a God who promises hope, joy, and peace. (1 Corinthians 2:9, Joshua 1:9, 1 John 3:2).  Not necessarily in our circumstances, but in a God bigger than our circumstances. He has plans for me. Plans for you. Plans that only we can appropriately accomplish according to His will (Ephesians 2:10).

So don’t buckle down in fear like I did. Rise up from what looks to be ashes with confidence and assurance, and watch as God restores your hope once again. You don’t have to understand your situation, just believe in a God who works all things for the good of His children (Romans 8:28). Don’t let a present trouble, no matter how big, overshadow the reality of your bright future. 

Your future is bright.


2 thoughts on “The Future Is bright. Your’s Is No Exception

  1. This is beautiful. I pictured a phoenix rising form the ashes and raising great majestic wings toward the sky.

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