“Therefore, let us come boldly before the throne room of God so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Have you ever taken a moment to realize how beautiful worship is? There are just so many awe-inspiring aspects to it. Going to a Christian university, me and my classmates have the opportunity to gather weekly and share a time of worship together. Gathering with so many individuals from so many different walks of life has created in me new perspectives on worship. It’s a familiar concept that has captivated my heart in a new way.

One aspect to this is diversity. The amount of diversity in one body of believers has really drawn my attention. I think it’s beautiful that so many people, all sharing one common faith, can come together and express this genuinely in so many different forms. No one way better than the next; it’s the combining of them together that paints a beautiful picture. One that points right to Heaven.

Also, there is such a rawness to this atmosphere of worship, an unguarded and pure vulnerability before the throne room of God. A beautiful scene of sincere hearts seeking God’s face in the middle of their own individual plots; fear, doubt, loneliness, sadness, ect. They come unguarded before the throne of God, expecting Him to show up.  And I believe He always does.

Watching my classmates come before the throne room with this diverse sense of vulnerability has truly captivated my heart. If University chapels can be this beautiful, my heart cannot even imagine the endless possibilities of Heaven.


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