Facing My Fear

“So what are you afraid of?  The shadows your scared of are usually your own, their not the great unknown.” ~ Kerrie Roberts ‘What are You Afraid of’

I have recently faced a lot of anxiety caused by insecurity and fear. Iv’e been teetering on the edge of a decision for a while now, knowing what I needed to do, but letting fear prevent any action. However, I recently made the bold decision to just go for it. I was still filled with fear at the thought, and I lacked the confidence I wanted. But this time, instead of letting my fear direct my choice, I let my faith. And instead of running away from my fears, I ran towards them.

The thoughts of fear and discouragement, telling me I was going to fail, did not quite once I decided to face my fear. However, when I faced them,  I realized, through God, I am bigger than my fears. The things I fear can come to pass and I will still be standing, in the middle of it all. I have to ignore the negative thoughts coming at me, and begin listening to the one voice of God. It tells me that I am  His and He won’t let me fail. Though the truth God speaks isn’t always what I feel is true, it is always what I know is true. This gives me strength and faith to do the things that intimidate me, regardless of the fears.

The thing is, so many times the things we fear will happen, actually happen. We have to realize, though, that when they do, we can remain standing. They’re never as big as we imagine, they don’t have to destroy us. Yes, sometimes they are challenging and hard, and maybe not ideal, but we have to learn that if we are God’s, we cannot fail! Even if it looks like failure to our eyes, we have to remember our story is not finished. There is still more to be written, and God will use what we interpret as failure, for glory.

So what are you afraid of? Don’t run from it. Go out, find it, confront it, and see how much you are truly capable of.



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