To The Hopeless:

IMG_1002“I’ve got nothing of my own to give you, but this light that shines on me, shines on you too.” ~David Crowder ‘Stars’

In my mind, the biggest differences between life with God, and life without God, is summed up in one word: hope. A lot of people think that becoming a believer and follower of God will rid your life of all heartache, but anyone who has been a Christian for any period of time can tell you that’s not true. Having Jesus in your life does not exempt you from the brokenness and troubles of this world. However, it does give you a hope to hold on to through the hard times. Hope that Jesus will not let go of you (Deuteronomy 31:6), hope that He will use the hard times for your good (Romans 8:28), hope that you will be rewarded for your perseverance (Hebrews 10:35), and hope that even though life doesn’t always make sense to us, He’s working it into his glorious plan (Isaiah 55:8). So what if you don’t have Jesus Christ in your life?  Where is your hope? The only things left for you to put it in are temporary, unreliable, and often full of lies. And if you search everywhere but in Jesus for hope, your going to come up hopeless. You just are.  I know, because I have been there.

I have tried to fix my life based off my own strength, I have tried to find answers based on my own comprehension, and I have tried to overcome sin without God’s power. This was me trying to live life without God. This was hopelessness.  I now know, that on my own, I am not enough, but I am not on my own. Life is going to be hard and it is going to try to knock me down. Regardless of what life throws at me though, I have hope in Jesus.

Trying to live my life without the hope that comes only by Jesus has given me a  heart for the hopeless. I have spent so much time trying to be strong, and trying to figure things out without taking hold of the hope found in Him. Now that I know there is endless hope in Him, I want to guide others to it too. I want them to experience the joy in redemption that I’ve found and live in.

I recently stepped into a new position where I’ve met many new people, all from different walks of life, with their own sets of struggles. This has remedied me, again, how broken we are as humans. It has  given me a fresh passion to help those in this world find hope. Brokenness is something that we are all born into, but hope is something that we receive with God that makes our broken pieces something beautiful.

There is a song by David Crowder called “Stars.”The last few lines of this song have been ringing through my mind for weeks now. They go: “I wanna shine, I wanna be light, I wanna tell you it’ll be alright. I wanna shine, and I wanna fly, just to tell you now, It’ll all be alright. Cause I’ve got nothing of my own to give to you, but this light that shines on me, shines on you too.” I sing this song for two reasons. First, it is a prayer for me. Sometimes I need to remind myself- It will be ok. Second, I pray is for others. There are so many people that I know need to hear it. My prayer is that my life can be light so that through me they can see and believe there is a hope that cannot be shaken.

But there is a flip side to this. So many of the broken people in this world without hope, don’t want the hope Jesus offers. My personality is one of perfectionism. I always want to “fix” things, and that includes people. So I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that many people don’t want what I have with Jesus. I wanna tell them about Him, and then watch their lives fill with hope. It just isn’t that easy though. I have to realize that the most effective thing I can do for others isn’t always what I think it is. Sometime all I can do is pray. And by “all I can do,” I don’t mean prayer isn’t effective. Though too often I go to prayer as a last resort, only after my attempts have failed.

I recently read in a commentary on Philippians about Paul’s attitude toward the church. Warren Wiersbe states that Paul has the church in his mind, heart, and prayers. I think this is key to spread the hope of Jesus. First, we have those around us in our minds. We think about them frequently. Then, we have them in our heart. We care about them, and show them this through our actions. Lastly, we pray for them. We hand them over to God, knowing He already has their future in His hands.

Jesus is the hope for this broken world, and we are to be the ones to share Him. But we have to be willing to trust His timing and His ways.


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